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Earn Money Online the Easiest Way!

Clickbank Mall
  1. How can I earn money? is a directory of 10,700 eBooks & software sites.
    i) Join and you will get some simple affiliate links.
    ii) Paste your links anywhere online.
    iii) Visitors may enter through the links and purchase anything from any of the sites. You earn up to 75% commission per sale!

    Some sites also offer recurring monthly commissions. So, once you refer a customer to them, you can earn recurring income!
    Earn Money with Online Clickbank Mall
  2. How much can I earn?
    There is no limit! Most of the sites listed in offer 25% to 75% commission. If you send more visitors through your affiliate links, you can make more sales and earn more commissions.

  3. What should I do after joining?
    You will get some simple affiliate links. Paste your links anywhere online. If you have websites or blogs, paste links, banners, search box on them.

  4. Where should I paste my links?
    You can paste your links anywhere online / offline. Example: on your websites or blogs, facebook, twitter and more social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, blog comments, online profiles, forum signatures, email signature, articles, classifieds, tell friends and more...(Learn more tips after joining)

  5. Do I need any skills or experience?
    There is NO need of any skills, experience, investment, maintenance work, Web hosting, web designing, customer service etc. You can earn money with or without your own web sites / Blogs. If you can copy and paste your links, you earn commissions by referring people to

  6. Who pays my commission?
    Clickbank All the sites listed in are taken from Clickbank.
    Clickbank is a very popular affiliate network. is also called as Clickbank Mall.
    All the clicks, sales and commissions are tracked by Clickbank and payments are made by them. The minimum payout is $10. You can receive your commissions weekly or bi-weekly through direct deposit or checks.

  7. Can't I promote the sites directly through Clickbank? Why should I join
    Using, you can promote sites in different ways :
    (i) Promote all sites using the main page link.
    (ii) Promote sites in any category or Sub-category.
    (iii) Promote sites that are related to any keyword or phrase.
    (iv) Promote a list of chosen sites.
    (v) Promote a single site.
    (vi) Paste search box on websites or blogs and earn from sales through search results.
    and more... affiliate links offer more choice to visitors and enable you to make more sales and earn more commissions.

    Only (v) is possible if you promote directly through Clickbank.

  8. What is the difference between other Clickbank malls and has edited titles, descriptions, thumbnail images, reviews / comments and more to attract shoppers and is more shopper friendly.

    If you have any websites or blogs, you can also paste a Search Box on them. When visitors search for any keyword, they will find relevant sites and when they purchase anything from those sites, you can earn commissions!

    More benefits are listed in the following pages.

  9. What are the requirements to join this program?
    You should have a free Clickbank account and Nickname. All the clicks, sales and commissions are tracked using your Clickbank Nickname and you receive payments from Clickbank.

  10. I don't have a free Clickbank account. Where can I get it?
    If you haven't joined Clickbank already, get a free Clickbank account and Nickname. It is free to join and takes just a minute! While joining Clickbank, you can choose a Clickbank Nickname. All your affiliate links will have that nickname.

    If you already have a Clickbank account and nickname, you can join with that nickname.

  11. I can't access my old Clickbank account. What should I do?
    Try to get a new Clickbank password. If not, create a new account as shown above.

  12. Should I sign up at Clickbank as a Vendor or Affiliate?
    Sign up form at Clickbank is the same for both Vendors and Affiliates. So, click on the 'sign up' link on Clickbank and fill the sign up form. Affiliates need not pay anything to Clickbank. So, you can join Free. After joining at Clickbank, if you want to sell your own products, you can become a vendor.

  13. How does Clickbank track sales and commissions through
    The normal product link format in looks like :
    When a visitor clicks such a link, it will redirect to :
    Clickbank tracks YourClickbankNickname in the link and redirects it to the product website. When the visitor purchases anything from the product website, you will receive commission in your Clickbank account.

  14. Can I earn commissions by referring others to this program?
    Yes. You can find the details in your member area after joining this program.

  15. I am new to internet marketing. Will you guide me?
    Sure. We provide full guidance and support to all members. You can email to admin at or open a support ticket.

  16. What is the difference between Free and Pro memberships?
    Free members get around 60% of the clicks in and Pro members get 100% of the clicks.

    Benefits of Joining this Program

  17. Legitimate and Genuine Opportunity : Send visitors through your links and earn commissions per sale! Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate networks in the world. So, all your visitors will be tracked properly and you will receive commissions on time. made it possible to promote all the thousands of sites in Clickbank using simple links, banners and search box!

  18. No Maintenance Work : No need of any technical skills, maintenance work, web hosting, web designing, customer service etc. Just send visitors through your links, banners or search box and earn commissions.

  19. Unlimited bandwidth and CPU usage: is hosted on a dedicated server. You can send as many visitors through your links as you can and enjoy unlimited bandwidth and CPU usage!

  20. No need to install any scripts : No need to host the Clickbank Mall script on your server. Hosting the script on your server involves more expense and hard work. It is NOT suitable for shared hosting or small VPS as most of the hosts place a limit on the total number of files, CPU usage, bandwidth etc.. Also, you need to update the database daily, add screenshots, edit titles, descriptions etc. We do all the hardwork for you at

  21. No need to have your own web sites or Blogs. You can promote your links using many other methods.

  22. Earn automated income if you have web sites or Blogs with good traffic!. Paste links, banners and search box on them and earn from sales.

  23. Visitor Friendly : Everyday, we edit the titles, descriptions and Keyword tags for many sites. So, there is no affiliate information in Titles and Descriptions of most of the sites.

  24. Recurring billing products : You can promote the top Recurring billing products in clickbank using a single link and earn recurring monthly / yearly commissions!

  25. Most popular products : You can promote the most popular products in clickbank using a single link and earn commissions!

  26. Promote any type of products : You can promote products in any Category or Sub-category, or any page using any keywords or key phrases.

  27. Promote any Single Product You can promote any single product using your Review page link.

  28. Only Clickbank Marketplace sites

  29. Referral Program: Refer others to this program and earn more commissions!

  30. Reviews / Comments : Visitors can review and add comments about sites.

  31. Thumbnail images of sites and products to make your Mall more shopper friendly!

  32. Updated daily from the Clickbank Marketplace Feed. Everyday, Clickbank adds and removes sites, updates the popularity ranks of sites and more. So, will be updated everyday.

  33. Ranking : Sites are always ordered according to popularity

  34. All the Main Categories are listed in the top menu on every page of the Mall to improve page views.

  35. You can Promote a selected list of products : You can create a web page with your selected list of products and promote only those products!

  36. Member Area to provide all your link formats, codes and more.

  37. Tracking ID : You can use any Tracking ID with your Mall links to track sales in your Clickbank account Transaction search page.

  38. 'Tags / keywords' and related categories on review pages to improve page views

  39. Caching: PHP caching and browser caching for fast loading of pages.

  40. Automatic Page Loading to make browsing effortless for visitors and to make more sales.

  41. Valid HTML: pages load fast and appear properly in all the browsers.

  42. Mobile Friendly: pages load fast and appear properly in mobile devices.

  43. Visitor statistics: You can paste any visitor statistics / hitcounter codes like and track visitors. (Feature coming soon)

  44. Free Clickbank Search Box to earn more money from your web sites or blogs.

  45. Earn up to 75% commission per sale from sites in search results! More profitable than other search boxes!

  46. Paste your search box on any number of web pages, any number of times!

  47. Use any 'Tracking ID' with your search box to track sales in your clickbank account.

  48. Customize your search box as you wish! Keep any text in the place of 'Search'. Can modify the size of the search box. Can use any image in the place of the search button and more.

  49. Automated Money : If you have web sites, blogs, facebook pages or any other pages with good traffic, you can earn automated money by pasting this search box or links on them!

  50. Reliable: has been online since 2007 and tens of thousands of members have already joined this program.

  51. Free, Unlimited and Fast Technical support for all members

  52. No hidden fees.

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